artificial game lengtheners

Artificial Game Lengtheners are unavoidable: animation, QTE or minigame that adds to a games runtime and if done correctly keeps players engaged during the more mundane sections of a game.

Let's look at a few examples:



Q.T.Es are somewhat controversial.

If done poorly, they can become a nuisance. If use at the right time, they can give you the feeling of intense action.

A great example is Platinum Games! Most of their Q.T.Es are: Mash "X" button as fast as possible until the enemy is annihilated; this adds an intense level of action, as you feel that the faster you press that button the more damage you will inflict.

A more peaceful approach can be found in Batman Arkham, where you mash a button to open a vent.

Tower attack

Jumping off towers, liberating radio towers & hacking ctOS towers (so many goddam towers) are a more interactive form of A.G.L, they provide fun challenges that reward you with useful information which can be found on your map.





Walk 'n' talk

The good old walk 'n' talk; my first experience with this was "Batman Arkham Asylum" where Batman would put two fingers on his ear and talk to alfred so some bullshit could load... good times.

Gears of War is kind of the grand daddy of this A.G.L (at least to me).